Ronald G. (Ron) Parsons
Austin, TX
QSL via LoTW

Satellite WAS

Satellite VUCC

Satellite WAC

First licensed as WN5DLG in 1954. Other calls held: W5DLG, K8DKE.


QSL via LoTW

HF Transceiver: FLEX-6600

HF Antenna: Hy-Gain AV-640

HF Antenna Alpha-Delta 80-40m dipole

Satellite Station: FLEX-6600, DEMI Transverters 144 and 432 MHz, M2 antennas

Satellite Tracking Software: SatPC32

Satellite Control Software FlexSATPC

Satellite Antenna: M2 Inc. 144 and 432 MHz Switchable Circular Polarity Yagis

2m Preamplifier: ARR MSP144VDG-160

7ocm Preamplifier: ARR  MSP432VDG-160

Headset:  FlexRadio Radiosport

Discone General Purpose Antenna

Doppler Controlled by Computer

Mobile Transceiver: Kenwood TM-D700A with Garmin 276C GPS for APRS

Wide band Receiver: Icom IC-R8500

Articles of interest

A Full-Duplex VHF-UHF Satellite System Using a FLEX-6600
Flex-based Satellite System:Update
FLEXSatPC Control Program
Flex-based Satellite System
Interlock Timer Circuit
Recommendation for Doppler Tuning

My Rocket Herd

Hunting that next new grid!

Rack Top shelf – speakers

Next – FLEX-6600

Next – 144 and 432 MHz Transverters, 144/440 and 220 MHz rigs

Next – Computer

Next – 10 MHz standard and Rotor control

Next – Power supplies and UPS

W5RKN from c. 2009 (Pre Flex Radios)

Fully Charged Up

And Images from the past ...

My second radio station, K8DKE, in Lebanon Ohio. From a newspaper c. January 1957.

Right-to-Left: Me, National NC-88 receiver, home-made 6m transverter on top, Heathkit VFO, World Radio Labs Globe Scout Model 65, Antenna controller.

My first radio station, W5DLG, had basically the same equipment, but located in Gainesville, Texas from 1954 to 1956.