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Rocketry Sale

I have the following items for sale. Contact me at w5rkn@w5rkn.com for more information.

These items will be at the AARG launch Hutto November 3, 2018 (See Jim Jarvis)

For Sale Items

I have added more information on the three Dual deploy electronics bays -- 3" diameter, 4" diameter and 5.5" diameter

Dual deploy electronics bays -- 3" diameter and 4" diameter 
Altimeter -  Entacore AIM USB 2.0
Charge containers fit Pratt Hobbies SEC-5A holding up to 1.5g black powder
External USB connector to altimeter
External connector to charge battery
Both sizes essentially identical except for external diameter.

3" Ebay $100 or best offer       
4" Ebay $125 or best offer

End Caps


Inside Views


Typical Controls



5.5in dual redundant altimeter electronics bay
Altimeters  --  Entacore AIM USB 3.0 and StratoLogger PerfectFlite 
External USB connectors to altimeters
External connectors to charge batteries

Price   $200 or best offfer

End Caps


Sled wiring

Schematics --  StratoLogger and Entacore